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Ichiro Going… Going… Gone

We have all heard the news by now, Ichiro has played his last game in a Mariners uniform. In fact, in almost a too good to be true scenario, he was able to walk over to the visitor clubhouse and join his new team for game 1 of the series. Just 24 hours has passed… Read More ›

Mariners’ Youth Excuse Grows Old

We have all fallen ill over watching the Mariners the last several years. Yet, we continue watching. We continue believing the higher-ups as they unveil their plans and beg for our patience. We are continuously convinced to wait and appreciate the talent that is nearing fruition. Instead, we watch as the Mariners next move becomes… Read More ›

Young Guns

Just have patience… really? How does a professional sports franchise market that philosophy to a fan base that has suffered a decade of poor performance? Well that’s the message Jack Z. and the Mariners front office wanted to send us with multiple commercials showing Z and Wedge saying be patient… we are building something special… we… Read More ›

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