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Jared Allen Joining the Seahawks?


“I like football because you get to hit people without going to jail.” – Jared Allen.

The strong get stronger. ESPN reported this morning that Jared Allen has agreed to terms with the Seattle Seahawks and is in town today to sign his deal. Jared Allen is 12th on the NFL career sack list with 128.5, and has tallied double-digit sacks for the last 7 consecutive seasons. He is a beast. Jared Allen and the Seahawks have been a rumored mutual affection since before the trade deadline last season, but in all honesty it always seemed like one of those rumors that would be really cool if it happened but I didn’t think there was any way it would ever work out. The key to the Seahawks having the leagues best defense, as well as the success of the Legion of Boom, has been largely due to the effectiveness of the Seahawks defensive line. The ability to generate a dominant pass rush with your front four gives you the luxury of keeping an extra defender back in coverage. Could you imagine trying to game plan against Jared Allen, Michael Bennett, Brandon Mebane, and Cliff Avril? You cant double team all of them… and they will beat 1 on 1 matchups. Today is a sad day for Offensive Coordinators, O-linemen, and QB’s of the NFC west… because the best just got better. He kills elks with spears, wild pigs with a knife, and has killed a buffalo with a single arrow… and now will be hunting opposing QB’s for your Seattle Seahawks.

Oh wait a second… What the heck? Now the little birdies are tweeting that Jared Allen may have left Seattle without signing his deal. All morning the news was that both sides had agreed to terms and he was here with his wife to sign deal… so what happened? Will this get done? Keep checking back here at nwsportsjunkies.com, on Twitter @nwsportsjunkies, or facebook.com/nwsportsjunkies to stay up to date with what the heck is going on with this Jared Allen deal or no deal.

If you don’t know much about Jared Allen… check out my top 5 favorite Jared Allen YouTube videos, they will get you up to speed. Number 4 is a little long and poor quality, but totally worth it.






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