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NFL Scouting Combine

imageMan, time flies. I haven’t even received all my Super Bowl XLVIII Champions gear in the mail yet, and it is already next season. The NFL Scouting combine this weekend is where all the front office staff, coaches, scouts, and fans begin to start debating which of these college kids will be the missing piece to put their team on top. Today I watched the Linemen and TE’s, tomorrow brings the QB’s, RB’s, and WR’s. We have never been fortunate enough to be defending Super Bowl Champs, and we get the luxury of  not thinking what we need, but what we would like to upgrade. I have mixed feelings on how I feel the Seahawks should approach the draft. On one hand I would argue that we already have enough talent across the board, and we have a relatively low amount of needs so we should package a few picks to move up for an impact player to significantly strengthen and or upgrade one or two spots. We have been in a position in the last few years where our mid round picks struggle to make the team and end up getting cut and going elsewhere to start. That’s just an observation, not a complaint… It’s a great problem to have. However, on the other hand the core of our team is built from mid to late round draft picks. It seems with Carroll and Schneider’s proven track record of finding late round gems we might be in a good position this year to trade down for future picks. I know it doesn’t make sense to like both ideas… But I guess that’s the advantage of being the Super Bowl champs with most of your starters already locked up for next year. It may take a while to get used to, but hopefully we will have this problem for a while. If you follow the drafts closely each year that is pretty much they way the Patriots approach the draft… Trade down and keep stockpiling picks until you feel strongly about a player in this draft or the next and then you actually have enough chips to cash in when eo pull off any move you need. My question to you nwsportsjunkies is what do you think we need? Trade up? Trade down? Position you’d like to upgrade? You call it, tell me your thoughts. I’m gonna go with the least sexy option and say I think our first pick should be an offensive lineman. I just feel that our offense is behind our defense, and a good lineman makes all your skill position players better. Give me your thoughts in the comment section. Any players stand out to you today? If you’re watching tomorrow lets chat in the comment section below this story.

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