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Super Bowl: A Day To Remember

It’s 2:00 in the morning now and I find myself sleepless despite an overwhelming exhaustion. An exhaustion from two weeks of nervous anticipation. Every day checking the calendar, reading the news, talking with friends and family about the special day to come. The excitement built as days passed as if I were awaiting the birth of a child. And it was all so fitting, waking up Sunday with what seemed to be morning sickness as the gut-wrenching anxiety finally peaked. The countdown was no longer measured by days but by hours. And from that moment, I knew one thing was certain: Today was special.

The morning glowed through the curtains with a summer’s brightness. The cold I had been enduring seemed to subside. Getting dressed even seemed like a special occasion. I trimmed my beard, found my good boots, and laid out my ensemble for inspection. The once lazy Sunday swag became a suit of armor I layered with perfection in the mirror. If Sunday was going to be perfect, so was I.

The buzz, then, began trickling through my phone as I learned of the sleepless night shared by my family and friends. They too were sick with anticipation. They too were determined to match the days’ perfection as they prepared their meals and dressed for their gatherings. And with one text message, I knew I must commit to the seriousness of the day’s possible outcome. It was a picture of my brother’s jersey with a freshly attached Super Bowl patch. It was a simple message but a strong one. That was it. I could feel it.

The 12’s were ready.

As the sun nears New York once again, a lot can be said about the thrashing the world just witnessed. Football analysts have already spent hours breaking down plays and comparing stats. Many have even began looking ahead to next season. But the 12’s will never forget what happened Sunday. Sure we might forget the stats but we forever cemented how much the Seattle Seahawks truly mean to our community. The 12th Man is family. It’s a way of life. It’s a glimpse of how humanity can come together if we just find one common goal. We’ll always remember the bonds we made throughout the season and the hugs we shared with each win.

On behalf of the 12th Man, I thank the entire Seattle Seahawks organization for making our lives a little more special. Congratulations! We will never forget you.

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  1. I pinched myself several times… It is still real. The shock has not worn off. Go hawks!

    • All last night I was online flipping between msn, fox, and king 5 over and over and over and over. It never got old seeing the SEAHAWKS SUPER BOWL CHAMPS headlines. I refreshed those pages at least 100 times each.

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