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#8: Can You Hear Me Now?

imageThe next day of 12 Days of the 12th Man, nwsportsjunkies brings the noise. CenturyLink Field and the 12th Man have long been heralded as the loudest venue and fans in the NFL.  In fact 12th Man broke the Guinness Book of World Records mark for loudest crowd roar at a sporting event twice this season! The initial world record was set at CenturyLink Field week 2 vs the 49ers at 136.6 decibels. This mark only lasted a few weeks before it was bested by the Kansas City Chiefs fans, putting the mark at 137.5 decibels. The fan group, ‘Volume 12’ which is led by former Seahawk player Joe Tafoya pushed to get the officials from Guinness Book of World Records back one more time, and they returned in December for the Monday Night Football matchup vs the New Orleans Saints. The 12th Man did not disappoint, breaking the record again and regaining the title of the loudest fan base in the NFL at 137.6 decibels.  137.6 decibels… That sounds pretty loud, but just how loud is it? Take a look at the chart below… It’s only a matter of time before #Louder becomes #WhatICantHearYou.

Decibel (Loudness) Comparison Chart

Here are some interesting numbers, collected from a variety of sources, that help one to understand the volume levels of various sources and how they can affect our hearing.

Environmental Noise

Weakest sound heard 0dB
Whisper Quiet Library at 6′ 30dB
Normal conversation at 3′ 60-65dB
Telephone dial tone 80dB
City Traffic (inside car) 85dB
Train whistle at 500′, Truck Traffic 90dB
Jackhammer at 50′ 95dB
Subway train at 200′ 95dB
Level at which sustained exposure may result in hearing loss 90 – 95dB
Hand Drill 98dB
Power mower at 3′ 107dB
Snowmobile, Motorcycle 100dB
Power saw at 3′ 110dB
Sandblasting, Loud Rock Concert 115dB
Pain begins 125dB
Pneumatic riveter at 4′ 125dB
Even short term exposure can cause permanent damage – Loudest recommended exposure WITHhearing protection 140dB
Jet engine at 100′ 140dB
12 Gauge Shotgun Blast 165dB
Death of hearing tissue 180dB
Loudest sound possible 194dB
OSHA Daily Permissible Noise Level Exposure
Hours per day Sound level
8 90dB
6 92dB
4 95dB
3 97dB
2 100dB
1.5 102dB
1 105dB
.5 110dB
.25 or less 115dB


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