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#11: Accepting Applications: The Bandwagon Fan

12thmandeadspin“Anyone who claims they are a “fan” of a particular sports team, even though they had no prior support for/interest in the team until that team started winning. These types of fans only show playoff interest, have probably never watched a regular season game, don’t own any type of team merchandise, nor would they buy any.”
– Urban Dictionary

Since the beginning of sports as we know it, this particular group of fans has been constantly looked down on, teased, and generally unwelcomed by every teams’ fan base. Don’t dare reveal yourself at a Yankees game when their making a run for the pennant. You’ll be beat up in the parking lot. Get made as a bandwagon fan at a Cowboys game and you’ll be whipped with Romo’s tear-soaked towel. But the Cowboys suck so no worries there…

However, be it the laid back hippie attitude, the legal weed, or the fact that Seattle sports have been filled with disappointment, the 12th Man has always welcomed the bandwagon group. The more the merrier. The louder the better. The Seahawks buzz is exactly that, a buzz. A drug of which we can’t get enough. We know the 12th Man is spreading like fire so we’re accepting anyone and everyone. So don’t be ashamed if you’re a bandwagon fan. Dig out your old Rick Mirer jersey or pick up that mint condition John Kasay jersey at the Goodwill and hold on for the ride to the Super Bowl.

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  1. I love that this story exists but I must tell you I am drunk so I do t know if it counts or not or if it counts twice so go hawks

  2. What he said…. Go Hawks!


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