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12 Days of the 12th Man

spaceFor something special leading up to the Super Bowl we thought we would bring you a special series called 12 Days of the 12th man. A little history, random facts, and some 12th MANnerisms. On the first day the 12th Manism the nwsportsjunkies brings to you is ‘what is the 12th Man.’ The 12th Man (Seattle Edition) began December 15th, 1984. This was the day that then Seahawks president Mike McCormack retired Seahawks Jersey #12  to honor the best fans in the NFL and the home field advantage they provide. October 12th 2003 12 original season ticket holders raised a blue flag with a bold white “12” on it prior to kickoff to start the tradition of raising the 12th Man flag. Now the honor of raising the 12th Man flag to start the game is often shared by local celebrities, icons, and athletes with local roots. This has since become one of the most unique and exciting traditions in the NFL. The 12th Man flag has taken over skies of not only the NW but has also been taken all across the globe and flown proudly to represent Seahawk pride. The 12th Man flag has been flown from numerous historical landmarks, from peaks of mountains, from outer space, and from the windows of soccer moms mini vans. Check back each day to follow the rest of the countdown…

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  1. Very Cool , Thanx.

  2. what a cool idea. thanks guys!

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