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Super Bowl XLVIII

Photo credit: cajunradio.com

Photo credit: cajunradio.com

The Seattle Seahawks have advanced to Super Bowl XLVIII with an intense last-minute victory over the 49ers.  I cannot believe how amazing that finish was. Its pretty amazing to have the type of defense that with 30 seconds left and the choice of do you want your offense to win it, or your defense to win it, we would all pick our defense every time. The Seahawks defense this year is really reaching legendary status, just needing to bring home the Lombardi trophy to cement that legacy.  Super Bowl XLVIII will be amazing, the best offense in the league vs. the best defense in the league, not to mention the fact that it will be both #1 seeds facing off. From what I have heard today, it sounds like Harvin will be a full participant for the Super Bowl and should start practicing as soon as Wednesday this week.  We certainly will need him, he has had a very limited sample set, but you cannot deny that in the few series he has played that the offense had a little extra something to it.  We have made it so far without arguably our best playmaker, so he is almost just a nice bonus at this point. I just hope he can suit up, and make it through the game healthy. I am really not wanting to go down the conspiracy theory path, especially before the game even begins… but I just hope Peyton isn’t given a farewell gift from the referees. One interesting note is that the Seahawks have 0… (ZERO) players on the active roster that have appeared in a Super Bowl. That is pretty unique, the last time it happened was over 20 years ago. Another thing I’m curious about is if the whole “Sherman thing” will die down after another day or two, or linger as a distraction leading up to the big game… but that particular topic we will save for another day. I feel like Bart Scott right now…. “Can’t wait!”

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  1. It doesn’t get any better ! Sherman is fine. You want them fired up to do ! JUST THAT ! If you want to hear kinder , softer words : give him 10 or 15 min. to come back down before you put a mic in his face. GREAT PLAYER

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