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The Road to New York

Seahawks West ChampsThird time is a charm as the Seahawks manhandle the St. Louis Rams yesterday winning 27 to 9 at home. As we all know, that finally locked up the division and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. There is much to celebrate in the Emerald City today. Anyone remember what happened last time we went 13-3 and had home field advantage???

We got screwed out of a championship in Super Bowl XL.


I am super stoked today. Not only did we destroy the Rams and have our defense flying high rolling into the playoffs, I already have my tickets so haha!

First off, let’s talk about the talk. The whole game was way past chippy. To say the least, the Rams were pissed off. Kudos to the Hawks because the Rams tried to get under their skin the entire game and they wouldn’t bite. The whole sequence of events that lead to the ejection blew my mind. Never seen anything like it. I can feel for Kendell Langford a bit because you could clearly see his contact with an official was accidental, however, someone was getting tossed. The refs let it get out of control and they had to calm it down somehow. He was the scapegoat. Now the throwing of the helmet and yelling at the fans will certainly get him a call from the NFL office.langfordejection-520x245

Here is the good as we look ahead to two weeks. Holy crap the defense. We added another two interceptions to the yearly total. We were beyond dominate up front and the linebackers were all over the place. We will finish up the season leading in yards, yards per game, pass yards, pass yards per game, points allowed, points per game, interceptions, and total takeaways!

I don’t care who comes into the Clink, I fear none. Even Manning and his ridiculous numbers. The way I have seen this defense play this year is amazing. As Sherm says, the stats don’t lie.

Now some of the bad. The offense was lackluster again and it is really starting to concern me. They were definitely moving better in the second half, but most of the first was the same as the Cardinals loss, terrible. We weren’t moving the ball, 3 and outs, and heavy pressure. Now the Rams do have a great pass rush, however, the trend is continuing and it can’t if we are going to succeed. Defense wins championships, but the offense still has to score some points.

Now I will say, we did get the run game going. Lynch almost hit 100 yards and was powering through defenders as usual. That is beyond important as that opens up out entire playbook. Wilson relies on the ability to make plays off the play action passes and the occasional read option stuff. I think a lot of the issues were defenses were not biting on that when the run was not successful.

In closing…

I am happy we got the two weeks off to recover and get ready. I am not worried at all about the so called “lull” after a week off. This team and this D knows how to get prepped and pumped up for a game and every big game this season, they have been ready. Bring on New Orleans, bring on San Francisco, or bring on Green Bay. We don’t fear anyone! Go Hawks!

Here is Lockette’s massive hit just for fun…

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