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Seahawks Beat Themselves, Cardinals Win.

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The Seattle Seahawks had an impressive run, they hadn’t lost a game at CenturyLink Field since 12/24/2011 against the 49ers.  That streak had gone back long enough that Russell Wilson could boast the honor of having never lost a home game.  It was almost a fun debate to try to predict who would finally beat the Seahawks at home, with nearly everyone betting it wouldn’t be until next season. Unfortunately, today we found out the answer. The Hawks handed themselves a 17-10 loss. Arizona was their opponent, however they did absolutely nothing to earn a victory. This loss was entirely from self-inflicted wounds.The biggest factor was a complete offensive ineptitude. It was a tough day for Lynch, managing only 71 yards on 18 carries. Wilson was completely ineffective, completing 11/27 pass attempts for 108 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT. It seemed like every time Wilson dropped back he was under duress, and did his best to extend the plays but never seemed to be able to find an open receiver. Wilson did end up getting sacked 4 times, though it seemed like much more. The Hawks managed a net 192 yards of offense, which most Sundays including this one, isn’t going to be enough. Another damning stat was a 15 minute deficit in time of possession.  The Cardinals held the ball for an embarrassing 37:24 to the Hawks 22:36. Even though the Cardinals offense is crap, if you let them monkey around with it for 15 extra minutes they are bound to accidentally score at least a few times. The time of possession disparity was a direct correlation to the Hawks inexcusable 3rd down efficiency, 2 of 13, or 15%.The burden of this loss does not lie entirely on the shoulders of the offense. The special teams helped fumble and shank this game away too. The normally sure handed Robert Turbin made a crucial mistake when during a kick return he managed to knock the ball out of his own hands with his knee. Another blown special teams opportunity came off the left uprights, when the neon yellow steel rejected a 24 yard chip shot from Seahawks kicker Steven Hauschka. It was only Hauschka’s 2nd miss of the season, but the first came off a blocked kick… so this was really like his first. Hauschka has been lights out this year, tied for 1st in fg%, so for him to miss a crucial 24 yard chip shot is inexcusable.

The one bright spot was our prized #1 defense, right? The fierce Seahawks defense was all over Carson Palmer from the start. 4 interceptions, and 2 sacks, helped lead to a sideline blow up between the Cardinals QB and coach Bruce Arians. The 4 interceptions helped pad the league leading takeaway numbers by our defense… but I urge you to not let those 4 bright spots blind you from the fact that the defense made some critical mistakes. Saying the defense played well would be the same fallacy as the guy who puts nice shiny 20″ chrome rims on a $900 Buick and says he has a nice ride. I can’t stand that guy… no matter how you dress it, it’s still a $900 clunker. And that’s what our defense was today… a clunker with nice rims. Most of the people you talk to will tell you our defense was great and did all they could, it wasnt their fault, they got 4 interceptions. Those are the guys who are suckers for the rims… I’m the guy that’s gonna tell you different. How about the fact that we gave up 139 yards rushing? It didn’t seem like we were getting gashed as bad because the Cardinals split up those 43 rush attempts between 4 guys. Ellington and Mendenhall both rushed for over 60 yards each. How about these numbers…  Arizona had 16 1st downs, 4 rushing, 6 passing… and 6 1st downs given to them from Seahawk defensive penalties! Don’t look for your calculator, I will tell you… it’s 37.5%. Thats more than 1/3 of their total first downs gifted to them via Seahawks defensive penalties. How about these numbers… Arizona passed for 178 yards, rushed for 139 yards, and were gifted 102 yards from Seahawks penalties. Can’t win like that.

Offense, defense, special teams… all guilty. Today was a complete implosion, the Seahawks proved what has been said all year-long… their biggest threat is themselves. Anyway you wanna look at it, the Seahawks blew a great opportunity today to lock up the #1 seed and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Lets hope they pull their beaks out of their tail feathers next week. Oh… and did anyone have an opinion on that last interception that bounced off the turf? Lets chat about that one in the comment section below!

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