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Bye Bye Browner



Joe Nicholson, USA Today Sports

That should close the book on Brandon Browner and the Seattle Seahawks. It was announced yesterday that Browner has been suspended indefinitely after an appeal of his 1 year suspension was denied. It has been stated that the suspension was for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Browner basically admitted to smoking week.The basis of the appeal from what we are hearing was a test that was positive while Browner was playing the CFL. This being his third positive leads to the yearlong ban. After the appeal, failed Browner has already stated that he vows to seek legal action against the NFL. You can’t blame him really. The guy was looking at a major contract from some team before this suspension.Bronwer issued a statement thanking the Seahawks and still stating that he is going to fight the suspension in every manner possible. His lawyer has also stated that if the suspension is not overturned, they will “sue the pants off the NFL.”

This situation only adds to the PED suspension from last year. I for one and am really getting tired of the suspensions and I think the Seahawks need to make a statement. It doesn’t really make a difference if the Hawks cut ties now or at the end of the season as Browner will be a free agent. However, I would cut him today. Make the statement that violations will not be tolerated any longer. We have too good of a team for guys to be pulling this crap.

I stated before that I didn’t see Browner as a Seahawk next year anyway. He was going to get a fairly decent contract and our two main re-signing concerns on defense should be Thomas and Sherman. This was only emphasized after his injury and the way Byron Maxwell has been playing. His numbers this year were not matching up to his 2011 stats anyway.

It is time to move on add the next man up! The Legion of Boom has shown that it is not only the starters, but the backups who can lower the boom. Go Hawks!

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  1. While I am extremely disappointed, I have to agree its time to say goodbye to BB. He is a great corner, but Maxwell and Lane have more than proven that they can hold their own. Browner chose to leave the LOB via his actions. I guess weed was more important to him than his commitment to his brothers on the field and his supporters in the stands. Moffit was pretty blunt in an interview about this… He basically said everyone knows they will be tested potentially once a season, and that it will be between April and August… So even if you want to smoke weed half the year it’s okay, as long as you can lay off it for a few months over the summer. If you can’t get around parameters like that than as everyone else in the league has said… You’re either stupid, or you have a drug problem. Clean out his locker, and end this plague in the locker room, players need to know this shit is over and won’t be tolerated any longer. Sucks to lose him, but it will make a bigger impact than keeping him… Even at a reduced rate.

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