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I have been poking around and seeing what is being talked about and here is what I have so far:

Seems like Taijuan Walker is almost completely off the table. Jack Z has said that he has no intentions of dealing Walker. I say almost because let’s face it, if something too good to be true comes up, anything is on the table.

There is talk of the Mariners being interested is trading for Logan Morrison from the Marlins. Here are his last year’s stats in case you don’t know him (because I sure didn’t):

















2013 Regular Season 85 293 32 71 13 4 6 36 38 56 0 0 .242 .333 .375 .709

Yeah um… no thanks. I am pretty sure we have several players that can fill a .240 average role.

It also looks like a trade for David Price is still being tossed around, although several teams are in the hunt for that. Tampa Bay has said that they are willing to deal, but only for the perfect trade. They have the money and don’t need to trade him.

I also heard that maybe Mike Zunino would be part of trade package for Price or others. Very interesting as he was supposed to be that catcher of the future. He didn’t play terrible last year and we all saw what Jesus Montero has done behind the plate. The M’s don’t want him catching I believe.

Several teams have mentioned trades for Dustin Ackley. Not sure how I feel about this one. Ackley can look good and have that natural swing, but mostly he has just been getting in his own way and forcing swings. Maybe a change of scenery would work for him. Hell, several players have been All Stars after leaving Safeco.

I just saw that they may go after Fernando Rodney as well. The bullpen was definitely poor last year and he could help strengthen it.

Lastly, there are a few in house guys still being tossed around. That would be Kendrys Morales, Franklin Gutierrez, and Raul Ibanez. Have not heard much, but my guess is the M’s are waiting. I think Guti would a great add on the cheap for a fill in outfielder. He plays well when he is not hurt. I think Morales signs, but Ibanez may be an odd man out. We need a right hand bat and I am guessing he gets picked up somewhere.

Let’s just remember that this is almost all speculation. Who know what will actually go down.

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  1. Here is my dream scenario… sign Cruz or Choo, trade for Kemp and Price. Any objections?

  2. Nope. I know they are really high on Walker, but at this point, I am tired of hearing how good the farm system is. I want some talent in here now and I want to win some games. If we can get Price and have a 123 of King Felix, Price, and Iwakuma… thats a knock out.

  3. Amazing show of determination and paoissn. As a starting out photographer, featured photographer for Wesco Athletics I’m continuing to learn, grow and foster my paoissn. You and Rod along with Robert Beck are talents I admire and hope to become as great as. Have a blessed New Year!

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