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Michael Gspurning no Longer a Sounder

The Seattle Sounders FC have declined to extend the contract for Michael Gspurning. This comes as a surprise to a lot of fans that enjoyed the tall Austrian in goal. His was involved heavily in the community and loved the city of Seattle. I am a little confused on why the front office elected to release the big man.


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There are two reasons that come to mind on why they would get rid of the starting goalie for them. The one I want to believe is that it was simply a business problem. Michael had a huge contract for a goalie. They said is off season that they were going to try and free up some salary cap. If that is the answer, I am wondering who will be our goalie.Please tell me is wont be our 41 year old back up Marcus Hahnemann. Hopefully they have some secret plan that we all don’t know about.

Now if they got rid of him because of his performance in the last quarter of the season, I feel they are out of there mind. He has been a top five goalie in MLS the last two years. Two big games on his part are not acceptable but you have to look at the other variables. Your trying to say that the defense had nothing to do with those two games were they conceded 9 goals. I don’t think so, there is only so much a goalie can do 1 V 1. I hope they have a plan otherwise there are going to be a lot of upset fans come March.


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  1. I thought he was great! As it stands, huge loss in my opinion!!! But like you said, maybe they have a trick up their sleeve that we dont know about.

  2. How about the dude they traded for? Is he any good? Upgrade over Big G?

  3. I was looking into that today actually. By all accounts it looks like the Sounders may have hit a home run on this. He was drafted in the first round back in 2009 and was one of the best in the MLS. Injuries took a toll on him and it looks like Toronto moved on. If he can get back to form, we could have a solid goalkeeper on the cheap. And he is only 27 so he could be there for the long haul.

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