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Seahawks Lose


First off, DON’T FREAK OUT!

Seahawks lost a close game this afternoon to the 49ers, 19-17. Seattle kept it close all game but thanks to a late 51 yard run by Frank Gore, San Francisco was able to kick a field goal to take the lead as time was winding down. Wilson gave one final heave, but it was intercepted.

Now again I say, don’t freak out. This one sucks for sure. I hate the 49ers and their pompous ass of a coach. 49ers fans will surely rub this one in. However, we can easily remind them who is still in the lead in the division, and the NFL for that matter.

That’s all for now. I could go more in depth but it still stings.

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  1. I will pop a bottle of champaign the day Gore retires… that freaking guy.

  2. Yes a LOSS, but if your going to lose one, a hard fought game is the kind lose. And it doesn”t change where we’re sittin ! ON TOP ! # 1 . HELL YA !


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