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99 Problems but 2nd Base Ain’t One!

Robinson Cano holds a bat prior to a game betw...

Robinson Cano holds a bat prior to a game between the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles on August 28, 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Seattle Mariners and Robinson Cano have reached a 10 year, 240 Million dollar agreement.  This is tied for the 3rd largest contract in MLB history with Albert Pujols, eclipsed only by Alex Rodriguez who owns #1 and #2 on that list. When I heard that Robbie Cano and his mega star agent, Jay Z, were on their way to Seattle last night I figured it would be nothing more than bargaining leverage for Cano to get a bigger contract from the Yankees.  In all honesty it’s probably what they had in mind too until the Mariners dropped a cash bomb on them offering $50 Million more than the Yankees were willing to pay.  Now, don’t get me wrong… I totally agree that giving a player damn near a quarter billion dollars to play baseball is ridiculous.  However, it’s what it took to get him.  This could be a franchise changing acquisition for the Mariners. Historically the big name free agents would not even consider playing here and we needed to get one.  Now, with the best 2nd baseman in baseball paired with King Felix, the Mariners are finally building an actual nucleus of star power.  Will we regret this deal in 2023 when our 41-year-old second baseman is making 15 Million? Absolutely! But I’m not worried about that right now, I will complain about that in 2023. Right now I am only concerned with the fact that the Mariners are right now a better team than they were when I went to bed last night.  Cano better ‘Show Me What You Got,’ and ‘Run This Town,’ because the ‘Streets is Watching,’ and the ‘Streets is Talking.’  Cano was screaming ‘Come and Get Me’ with a stack of ‘Dead  Presidents.’ Jack Z came in and said ‘Money Aint a Thing.’  Lets end this ‘Paper Chase,’ ‘Do You Wanna Ride With Me?’ It turned out to be enough to change Cano’s ‘Empire State of Mind.’  Mariners fans can now start ‘Poppin Tags’ on a new Cano jersey, this is as ‘Real as it Gets,’ so let’s have ‘No Regrets.’  I trust Jack Z’s ‘Blueprint,’ even though it cost us ‘Big Chips,’ but heck… ‘Its a Hard Knock Life.’  The Mariners may still have ’99 Problems,’ but 2nd base aint one.

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  1. Glad as hell they made the move, the Mariners have been relying on their farm system for far too long without going and getting any help, this move does two things. One brings one of the best 2nd basemen to Seattle, and two it took a big named player away from the Yankee’s. I love it!

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