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Jesus Montero Suspended 50 Games

Did this guy get the placebo batch?  Word around the campfire is Montero will accept a 50 game suspension today for taking PED’s.  Im at a loss when I hear that he has taken PED’s, well because we didn’t see any enhanwe own no copyright of this photo obtained from dailyhaha.comced performance.  He wasnt jacking 500 footers over the Hit it Here cafe… as a matter of fact I would have to say he looked like one of the most unathletic professional athletes I had ever seen.  Even a simple task like running looked like it was a painful struggle for Montero.  Montero was given every opportunity to take control of the starting catcher position, he was even awkwardly forced to stay in that role after it became clear to everyone that he could not handle the job defensively, because we needed a way to keep his bat in the lineup.  The only problem was he wasnt hitting either. He wasnt doing anything well, which makes me wonder… maybe, just maybe he could be telling the truth.  Montero stated he has no idea who Anthony Bosch, founder of the Biogenesis clinic, is and that he has never even heard of him.  Montero said on the topic, “I have no clue what happened. I feel like I’m caught in the middle of something, and I don’t know why…  I don’t even know who he is, I’ve never heard of him… I didn’t have anything to do with those people...I know I didn’t do anything wrong.”


Another athlete busted for steroids and denying it? Possibly.  If he did, then he stopped listening after the words “inject this,” because you’d be hard pressed to convince me that Montero spent any time in the weight room.  What do you guys think? Guilty and busted? Wrongfully accused and telling the truth? Whats your take? Sound off in the comment section below!




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