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Hello…hello? Is this thing still on?  nwsportsjunkies.com has been off the interweb for Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bearsa few months, but if you type us into your google machine you will be happy to find that we are back.  Where did we go? What happened? Both great questions.  Yet, like many of life’s great questions, there is no answer.  What matters is we are hitting the ground running, and want more input, dialogue and feedback from the readers.  If you want a story or debate on something, just shoot us an email or Facebook post and we will do the research and hit ya over the head with some nwsj style stories and opinions.

The first thing I want to talk about is Percy Harvin. What do you guys think? Here’s the thing, we needed a dynamic playmaker.  You can’t have a discussion about the biggest playmaker in the NFL without mentioning Harvin. He has like video game speed and moves. Harvin gives the Seahawks a nationally recognized, showtime, box office, whatever you want to call it… I will just call him ‘Legit’ star player.  Getting a player of his caliber didn’t come cheap.  Just to get him, we had to send Minnesota our 1st and 7th round draft picks this year along with our 3rd round pick next year.  That is a pretty steep price. For comparison, consider that the 49ers got Anquan Boldin for a 6th round pick.  I think we gave up a lot, but I think it was still worth it.  Harvin is much younger than Boldin, 24 rather than 32, and is much more dynamic in terms of ways he can help your team.  In addition to his regular WR duties, Harvin will also line up at RB occasionally, and is also arguably the most explosive return man in the league. Sometimes if you need/want something bad enough its worth overpaying to ensure you get what you are after.  The 2nd part of the equation though is the money.  The trade is contingent that Percy Harvin agrees to a new contract with the Seahawks. I’ve heard reports that he wants in the 10-12 million dollar range.  The fact that Mike Wallace just got 13 million a year from the Dolphins earlier today will certainly not help the Hawks in these negotiations.  That is a lot of dough. NFL.com reports that this years salary cap will be only slightly higher this year (+3 million) to 123million. The Seahawks reportedly have about 17mil in unused cap space, so that is a pretty good chunk of the last of our resources and the defensive line still needs to be addressed.  I think we gave up a lot, and we are going to have to pay him a lot, but this is the kind of move you have to make if you are serious about being a contender.

Here is some Percy Harvin stats and a highlight video to get you up to speed if you don’t get out from under that rock very often.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and share your thoughts, was this too much to give up?  Are you sold on Harvins ability? Do you have other concerns like durability, attitude? Is he the guy to put us over the top?  Sound off, and don’t hold back.

Career Stats
Season Team Receiving Rushing Fumbles
G Rec Yds Avg Lng TD Att Yds Avg Lng TD FUM Lost
2012 Minnesota 9 62 677 10.9 45 3 22 96 4.4 20 1 2 1
2011 Minnesota 16 87 967 11.1 52T 6 52 345 6.6 39 2 2 2
2010 Minnesota 14 71 868 12.2 53T 5 18 107 5.9 17T 1 1 1
2009 Minnesota 15 60 790 13.2 51T 6 15 135 9.0 35 0 1 0
TOTAL 280 3,302 11.8 53 20 107 683 6.4 39 4 6 4

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  1. Huuummmm!! ??? 24 T D s in 4yrs. So, every 2.6 games he scores. For 10 mill. Not thinkin that’s a Great deal.

  2. I totally understand the ‘sticker shock’ when seeing his contract, but I am gonna bet that by week 4 he will be one of your favorite players.

  3. Percy Harvin is awesome!!! Go Hawks

  4. nwsportsjunkies, your site is badass.

  5. um bruce irvin is damn excellent just wait. he has lhintnigg speed and can get after any qb. hes a third down back at wvu and he was a BEAST. just wait i like this guy. BRUCEEEEEE!!!!!! maybe elected him early but hes very excellent cant be denied

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