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Everything seems to be starting to come together for the Seattle Sounders. I really feel that this is the year for our boys to bring home the MLS Cup. The defense is getting together and working as one unit. The midfield has some new faces but is really connecting. The forwards are … well they are just scoring goals left and right which is simply amazing. Sigi has done an incredible job building up this team and putting depth onto the bench for years to come.

I have said it before but with Gspurning in the net the sounders are 9-2-1 with only allowing 20 percent of shots on goal in the net. That comes out to a 0.57 goal average a game when he starts. That just seems simply amazing to me that he is so dominate in the goal. I think he has also gotten some help from his defense. A couple of weeks ago against Vancouver the defense allowed no shots on goal for a whole 90 minutes. Of Gspurning’s five shutouts this season he has made two or fewer saves the whole game. So either the defense is clicking or Gspurning is commanding his players were he wants them.

If I had to rank the Sounders midfield I would place them in the top 5. With Mauro out on the right-wing, he has 13 assists for this campaign. Alonso is going about business as usual in the middle dominating every loose ball. The two additions that I am excited to see more of are Tiffert and Martinez. I feel that Sigi has brought these two players to Seattle to be set up men. Attract some of the defense away from the forwards and create better goal scoring opportunities.

Our forward as of late have almost been unstoppable. Montero posted his first ever hat-trick for the Sounders last weekend against Chivas USA. Eddie Johnson is still putting almost every header into the back of the net. It amazes me that teams are still allowing him so much breathing room inside the 18. I am pleased to see him using his feet more and passing the ball when an opportunity arises. I also would like to see Sammy Ochoa get a little more playing time. He is strong with the ball and can keep it till help arrives.

Tomorrow the Sounders go to battle with FC Dallas. This will be a tough competition for the Sounders as the FC Dallas is a team with a lot of threats and are fighting for a playoff spot. I have great faith in our beloved Sounders will be able to pull off a win and get three points for the playoff race.


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