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Bye bye T.O.

According to his page on Twitter, Terrell Owens has been cut:  “I’m no longer a Seahawk. I THANK the organization 4 the opportunity, I’m truly blessed beyond belief. My FAITH is intact & will NOT waiver.”
Given all the upcoming cuts, I seriously doubt anybody following the Seahawks is shocked by this.  Some of the miscues are understandable – limited time practicing with different quarterbacks.  Still, some of the passes he dropped were pretty inexcusable for someone supposedly in shape.  I actually saw a game televised when he was playing for the Allan Wranglers for the IFL (they were playing against the Everett Raptors – don’t worry, if you did not know Everett had a team, you are far from alone) and he did not look that good (which is a rant I meant to start closer to the signing but simply never got around to).

With the way Edwards looked, the odds were against T.O. anyway.  Many will argue with me on this, but the Seahawks have the proverbial “embarrassment of riches” at receiver (among other positions).  I will give him some credit in that he did not go out in the same manner as The Player Formally Known as Ochocinco.  I am still not ready to fully buy into the talk of him “growing up” (see ‘couldn’t hack it in the IFL’), but it could’ve been uglier.  The fact that he was cut this early on also tells me this was more than some cheap publicity stunt that others have viewed the signing as.

So what are YOUR thoughts on this?  Think another team will claim him off waivers before the season starts?  Will he be a mid-season injury replacement or is his career over?

Unless another team in the midst of their own “shit show” (see Jets or Dolphins) or a team desperately in need of a veteran (Browns?) is willing to take a chance, I don’t see him being signed before the start of the regular season.

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  1. Looks like the Chiefs could use some !!! help !!!! ??? LOL……..

  2. I actually think it was a smart move on PC and JS, They signed him for 925,000 dollars. if it had worked out they would have signed a HOF Wide out for almost nothing, if it did not work out (like it didn’t) than they really didn’t loose much. Look at BMW a couple years ago. They got two years out of him.

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