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The Competition Goes On

Pete Carroll announced this week that rookie Russell Wilson with start at QB for the 3rd Seahawks preseason game. Most around the league would agree that Wilson has earned the right to start after having two great performances so far in preseason. He comes into game 3 completing 22 of 33 passes for 279 yards. He has thrown for 3 TD’s and 1 interception. He also racked up 92 yards and a TD on the ground.

I want to go over a few things in relation to this news and completion. Mind you this is only my opinion and you are welcome to call me an idiot or tell me how right I am.

First off, Tavaris Jackson is out. That is pretty clear after no playing time in either of the first two preseason games. The reps at 1st string in practice are either pity passes or keeping him fresh to see if there is any trade value for him out there. If there isn’t, I expect him to be gone before the final cuts. We paid Matt Flynn too much money and we can see he has played better than Jackson. Wilson so far is a solid QB with starting potential and they are not letting that go. Lastly, they are not going to pay Jackson millions to sit on the bench in the 3rd string spot.

The next question is what to read into Wilson starting in the third game. Traditionally, this is the game the starters get the most reps. Some would argue that starting Wilson in this game means he is now the clear favorite for the starting job. I am not sold on that. With the way Carroll is playing this competition out, I really think that they want to see what he can do against a 1st team defense. It will be a good test for him.

Flynn had a rough game 2 going 6 for 13 with 31 yards. There is a grain of salt with those stats however as Terrell Owens dropped a gift from the gods in the end zone and Golden Tate had a TD pass carry him out of bounds. Flynn has shown he has the ability to manage the offense and reduce the amount the stupid plays and mistakes that plagued Jackson last year. I think he is easily capable of running the offense in an effective manner while the defense dominates the game.

One of the things that I can’t seem to make up my mind on is what kind of QB that Carroll and the Hawks want. We can look at Flynn and Wilson and see that they have very different styles. Flynn is going to be less mobile and use more precision passes out of the pocket. He can run if needed, but he’s not winning any sprints anytime soon. People keep saying that he lacks the arm strength, but after seeing that dropped pass to T.O., I don’t have a whole lot of concern there. Wilson on the other hand is a mover. He is fast and has no problem getting out of the pocket and pulling it down and taking off if nobody is available. He has shown for shorter guy, he has a big arm, not to mention some incredible accuracy. Let’s not forget this guy finished his senior year at Wisconsin with a 72.8 completion percentage for the season. That is incredible.

The biggest difference here is experience. Don’t get me wrong, Flynn has only started two games in his entire career; however, he has been in the league studying under a guy named Aaron Rodgers for four seasons. That is going to be a huge bonus considering you have a rookie in the Wilson. Logic would tell you that Flynn will get the job and Wilson will be the backup when the regular season starts. With Carroll however, logic has seemed to go out the window and in most cases, he has made it work.

Personally I want to see Flynn start. I like the idea of letting rookies develop and get them some NFL experience before you throw them to the wolves. This team could be difference though. In most cases with starting rookie QB’s, the team is crap. Look at the Colts and Redskins. This is different. We have a projected top 5 defense, a beast mode run game, and some talent the in the receiver core if they can stay healthy and live up to the potential. I do believe Wilson has a better chance to start year than most other teams.

It should be interesting to see what happens this week. All this could irrelevant and probably will be very soon. However it goes down, I think the Hawks have two very good options at QB and I like what I am seeing.

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