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Hawks Off to Good Start


It only took 1 play for the 2012 Seattle Seahawks to cause their first turnover, and score their first Touchdown. Brandon Brownerscooped up Matt Hasselbecks first pass attempt and took it in to put the Hawks up by 7 just 9 seconds into the game. The defense played great. They looked big, they looked fast, and they looked ready to knock some heads this year.

Matt Flynn played led the Seahawks offense in the first half and started off pretty well, completing 8 of 8 passes to open the game. Flynn did throw a pick when he failed to get enough arc on a ball across the middle which found the leaping linebackers hands. Flynn finished 11 of 13, 71 yards and an interception. He looked really comfortable in the pocket, and looked really accurate, but you cant help but notice that he completed 11 passes for only 71 yards. Check down after check down, and flares out to the rb… we never really saw him take any kind of shot downfield. That was one of my main criticisms of Tarvaris Jackson last year was that he didnt take many downfield chances. This is one of my biggest criticisms of the QB position battle and splitting reps, I fear its gonna make these guys trigger shy because they dont want to make a mistake. The other concern is if you are splitting the practice reps 3 ways you are doing a major dis-service to whoever ends up starting because they lost all of those valuable reps in minicamp, training camp, and preseason games.

Russell Wilson pretty much stole the show in the second half. 12 of 16, 124 yards, 1 TD 1 INT. Wilson also gave Hawks fans a glimpse of his playmaking ability with 3 rushes 59 yards and a TD. The thing thats is important to keep in mind before jumping on the Wilson wagon is that Flynn was facing the Titans starting defense in the 1st half, and Wilson was playing against backups and guys who will be coaching highschool PE this fall.

What is certain is that it looks like the Hawks have some actual talent at the QB position this year… while we can debate who is the best, I dont think any of the 3 would do a bad job leading the Hawks offense this season. TJack didnnt play, which doesn’t mean at all that he is out of the competition, we just already know what we have in him. Im still hoping to see Josh Portis make at least a small appearance this preseason… but that is waaay secondary to figuring out who the starter will be.

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