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Honey Badger Don’t Give a Shit

LSU star cornerback, Tyrann Mathieu, better known as ‘The Honey Badger,’ has been kicked off the team for “Violating team policy.” The 5’9″ 175lb Cornerback earned that nickname from his relentless tenacity and bleached blonde hair. It’s a complete shocker that a preseason #1 ranked college football team would dismiss a Heisman finalist, and arguably the biggest game breaker in college football. Mathieu had a ridiculous 2011 season where in 12 games he had 71 Tackles, 1.5 Sacks, 2 Interceptions, 6 Forced Fumbles, 5 Fumble Recoveries, 2 Defensive Touchdowns and 2 Special Teams Touchdowns! He was honored in 2011 as a Heisman Finalist, Chuck Bednarik Award winner, Consensus All-American, 1st team All-SEC, SEC Defensive Player of the Year, Cotton Bowl Defensive MVP, and helped lead the LSU Tigers to a BCS National Championship victory.

While Les Miles didn’t specify exactly what led to the decision to kick his star player off the team, speculation is building that it was from a failed drug test. According to the story on ESPN.com, the suspension did not involve police or law enforcement and was just a matter of school rules and athletic department policy. Mathieu had previously been suspended from the team for a failed drug test and the LSU athletic department policy for failed drug tests is 3 strikes and you’re out.

“This was just a team policy, not going to confirm or deny either way. The policy is a written policy. It’s like the speed limit, if you are going over the speed limit, you’re breaking the law. He’s been over the speed limit. As in, he’s been over it a lot.” — Joe Alleva, LSU Athletic Director

This is complete speculation, although it may be justified… the dots are all laid out, but out of respect for the student-athlete and probably department policy, Les Miles and Joe Alleva will leave the connecting of those dots to us.

I applaud Miles, Alleva, and LSU for stepping up to the plate, making the tough decision, and doing the right thing. I would have thought a big time SEC program would’ve swept their star athletes problems under the rug to keep him eligible for another championship run. But that’s probably just my PAC 12 prejudice willing me to think that the SEC teams must be cheating to be so good. LSU and Coach Miles couldn’t of handled the situation any better. Miles said the team had given multiple attempts of counseling for the “issue” that lead to this, and said that he had extended himself personally and professionally to try to help Tyrann. Maybe this will be a wakeup call and help him recognize his problem, hopefully he can get the help he needs and can get his life back on track.

Also, just for fun because I know you love it… here is the Honey Badger video. You’re Welcome!

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