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Seahawks Sign T.O.

Ladies and gentlemen, let the circus begin! The Seattle Seahawks have signed future Hall of Fame receiver, Terrell Owens. As reported last night, T.O. was in Seattle today for a tryout. The soon to be 39-year-old literally ran his way into a contract…  blowing away the coaching staff with a 4.4 second 40-yard dash. That is impressive for any person, especially an old man like Owens. In addition, T.O.’s size and physicality are unmatched by any of Hawks receiving core. That alone could prove to be valuable in their redzone offense. In 2010, Owens amassed almost 1000 yards on 72 catches, 9 for TDs. But as with every T.O. signing… AT WHAT COST??

Forget about his production, this guy hasn’t been liked anywhere he’s played. He’s a terror for any locker room and makes damn sure he leaves a team in worse shape than he found it. He’s also been out of the NFL for a year, which has proven to be detrimental to older players.

As much I like Pete’s desire to compete and find a good deal, I think this crosses the line. We have too many young, talented players for Owens to ruin. His poor attitude could crush the Hawks’ rebuilding efforts in one training camp. I beg you, Pete, don’t let this guy come to practice tomorrow!

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  1. You are so wrong! I think TO will be an awesome addition to our beloved hawks!
    Sidney can’t stay healthy. With tow busted shoulders. Golden Tate has had maybe 3 good games and our other young guys aren’t ready to fly quite yet except for mr Baldwin! If you think Bryant is going to be helpful you shouldnt be a sports writer,
    TO is high reward low risk. I say it’s worth it. If he acts up. Cut him
    The juice is worth the squeeze!

    Btw I love reading your blogs. Keep up the great work

    • Bryant won’t do us any good this year… he got cut already. I think Braylon Edwards is the only other veteran WR in camp right now. I get that TO would potentially add to our WR production but I just don’t see it being low risk. He ruins every QB he plays for. We can’t afford to start Flynn’s career with the weight of TO in the huddle. TO is like that hot chick you know is dirty but you get with anyway. It looks good, feels good…. but leaves you itching for a lot longer than she sticks around.

  2. I think both Matt and Chris have great points… I have read this story a few times…. read your comments a few times… searched the internet for some other T.O. stories…. and I still cant decide how I feel about T.O. being a Seahawk. I would have to say from 1 to 10, I am equally a 1 and a 10! I think it will be extreeme one way or the other, he will either be amazing or he will be a shit storm…. and I think both are equally as likely. So, Im hopefully optimstic yet guardedly pessimistic.

    • Way to take a side… would you say you were for it before you were against it? That’s not the hardcore opinion of a nwsj writer. You’re like a pair of $1 Old Navy flip flops.

      • I know… I know… like I said, amazing or shit storm. I just really dont know if he can hold it together. Im not worried about him physically, Im worried about him lashing out at Flynn if things dont go his way… I think he could be dominant in the red zone, he is huge. You could be looking at a red zone offense with T.O., Lynch, Miller, Winslow, and Edwards all on the field… wow, thats a physical offense. But if things dont go his way he could turn on Flynn and I worry about that…. ‘thats my quarterback!”

    • At first I was like What? , than after a a small thought about this pick I’ve be cotrevned into more and more comfortable with it, No one can deny Irvin’s skill to get to the QB and after numerous years of mean to below mean years of manufacture in the NFL Chris Clemons has had accomplishment in Pete’s guilty machinate and if you LOOK’ at the similarities of Clemons to Irvin these two guys are very alike in body style and skill to get to the QB, the only alteration is Irvin is MUCH FASTER!’

  3. Fuck it. Bring on the circus… “I love me some me!” Go T.O.! And like Matt said, if it dont work, just cut him. Sydney will only play in 8 or 9 games this year… he has only played in 16 games once in 5 seasons.

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