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By Jose M. Romero For Fox Deportes

There were plenty of thrills this past week during the AT&T all-star game against Chelsea FC. This was the second game in the Chelsea FC tour across America. In this game their skills were put to the test against the best of the MLS. This match did not end in their favor. The MLS all-stars won the game with a last-minute goal during stoppage time. Watching the game, the Chelsea goalkeeper just sat there stunned almost that the ball was deflected into the back of the net. This was a positive move forward for the MLS in the world.

I think there is going to be a shift in the player caliber coming into the MLS. As the league starts to build up its reputation of being a competitive league, we will start to attract young talent. I also believe we will be able to keep some of the raw talent from the United States and not see it be shipped overseas.

Being a Seattle Sounders fan at heart since day one, one of my biggest fears is losing Alonso AKA” The Honey Badger”. He is such a hard worker for the middle of the pitch. He won’t take anything from any other players. He is always fighting for possession and working with his fellow teammates. During the all-star game it seems like he just dominated the center.  He was winning balls in the air and challenging anyone is his range. I hope he decides to stick with his roots in Seattle in the near future. On a side note, one of the big Seattle players, Eddie Johnson is starting to blossom into his old self before he went off the EPL. Congrats on scoring the game winning goal for the MLS. Hopefully he and the sounders are getting hot and on their way to taken them all.


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