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Mariners Trade Rumors

The July 31st trade deadline is fast approaching and the Hot Stove and MLB Trade Rumors will be picking up in the next few days. We’ve already discussed Felix being off the market, and celebrated Ichiro moving on to New York, so lets take a look at some other players that could be moved before Tuesday.

To begin this discussion, lets first discuss which players accompany Felix on Jack Zduriencik’s list of players that are off-limits. Ken Rosenthal from Fox Sports reports he has been told by other GM’s that when contacting the Mariners regarding trades they have been told that the following players are “Untouchable”: Felix Hernandez, Dustin Ackley, Kyle Seager, Nick Franklin, Taijuan Walker, James Paxton, and Danny Hultzen. Most of those names would be pretty obvious choices; however I am a little surprised to see both Ackley and Seager together on the list, you would think if a team has 2 great second base prospects they would entertain the idea of moving one of them to fill another hole in the roster. The other thing that stands out to me on this list is the absence of Jesus Montero. I’m not sure, but I would assume that was an innocent, inadvertent omission.

Next lets look at some of the players that have been mentioned in trade rumors around the league. Chone Figgins: pretty much zero value, however he could be useful as a utility/bench/pinch runner for a contender. If we were lucky enough to move Figgy, we’d likely still pay the majority of his salary and get a washout minor leaguer… but this one is clearly a case of addition by subtraction.

Brandon League: at times brilliant… at times you just look at him and shake your head. Brandon has experience in the closer role which should help his value, but he can be erratic to put it gently. Coming off an All-Star season in 2011 in which he posted 37 saves, Brandon can instantly help any contender strengthen their bullpen. I havent heard any definitive rumors on League other than “teams have inquired about him.” He is in the final year of his contract and also lost his job as closer to Wilhelmsen. We need to try to get whatever we can for him as he will not be in future plans. Brandon has been hot lately allowing only 4 runs over his last 22 innings of work.

Jason Vargas: Jason is having a decent season, 10-7 with a 3.91 era. He has a tendency to give up the long ball, but has also proven he can be durable and consistent. Multiple teams have been linked to rumors about adding the lefty to bolster their rotation. A thing that helps Jason’s trade value is he has one more year of team control through arbitration. Jason is making $4.875 million this season and will be certainly be looking at a sizeable raise through arbitration as he has already matched his career high in wins and its only July. The Orioles, Blue Jays, Pirates, Cardinals, Tigers, and Dodgers have all been rumored to have interest. While not being one of the top pitchers available, he is considered as one of the next best options. Thats a pretty good position for the Mariners to be in because once the top guys are snatched up, one of the remaining contenders may over pay to insure they don’t end up empty-handed.

Brendan Ryan: I don’t like the fit for Ryan on the Mariners roster. On one hand, you have the #1 rated defensive shortstop in MLB, but on the other hand he is hitting .188. The Mariners have such a historically poor offense, they cannot continue to absorb the poor performance at the dish. A contender with a great offense could greatly benefit by the trade-off of his poor hitting to shore up their defense. The Braves have reportedly expressed interest, and the Mariners have recently been reported to have been scouting the Braves minor league affiliates.

Kevin Millwood, and John Jaso could also draw some interest. Millwood is the kind of experienced veteran that teams like to add for the stretch run. He is having a good year and is a steal at his $1 million price tag. Jaso could have a big impact, a dependable, clutch hitting, experienced back up catcher is a luxury most teams do not have.

So my question to you is which of these guys would you like to see go? Who would you want to get back? Leave some realistic trade possibilities, or even just what players or positions you think we should focus on trying to acquire, and then vote on others ideas using the thumbs up/thumbs down on comments section. My personal wish list would be topped by trying to put together a package to acquire 3B Mike Moustakas from the Royals.

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  1. So here is my trade; We receive Mike Moustakas and send Kansas City Erasmo Ramierez, Carlos Truinfel and Kyle Seager.

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