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Seahawks And Chris Clemons Sign Multi-Year Contract

After missing all offseason workouts, Chris Clemons has finally reached a new multi-year deal with the Seattle Seahawks and should participate in the upcoming training camp. The deal is not yet official so no financial details have been released but the new contract is expected to match other top D-Ends in the league.

As much as I can’t stand when these petty athletes holdout, I’m glad Clemons will be back to help the Seahawks’ weak pass rush. We’ll let you know more contract details as they are released.

**UPDATE** The Seahawks have confirmed the deal is official. Neither side has commented on the terms.

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  1. I will have to wait and see the terms before I can have an opinion on this, but for now Im glad they worked something out before training camp. He is 8th in NFL in sacks over last 2 seasons, so its good to have him back… I just hope they didnt break the bank for him.

  2. I’m sure they’re overpaying for him… but he’s been decent, they have cap room, and with the new CBA they need to use a certain percentage of their cap space so I’m not sure the contract matters too much. I’m just kinda stuck on his age… I hope he doesn’t take a dive this year.

  3. They did overpay. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good player, however this defensive system was built around him being the speed guy and getting the sacks. I really think a lot of his success is a product of the system. He knew that and that’s why they got the deal worked out. If he went to free agency next year at 31 I don’t think he would have seen this kind of paycheck. Glad its done however and we can get him and Irvin going at the start of camp.

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