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This week it was announced that Washington QB Keith Price and Washington State QB Jeff Tuel have both been placed on the Davey O’Brien Trophy “Watch List.”  The Davey O’Brien Foundation annually selects the nation’s top QB’s to a preliminary watch list, and will cut that list down to 16 finalists this October. The trophy, honors the nation’s top QB, who embodies O’Briens character, sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership both in the classroom and on the field.  Tule and Price join 32 other Quarterbacks on this years preliminary watch list. The Davey O’Brien trophy, since its inception in 1981, has never been awarded to a QB from a Washington school. Past winners make up an elite crowd including; Peyton Manning, Troy Aikman, Steve Young, Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Cam Newton, and last years recipient, RG3.

Price showed the nation last year that he was ‘Legit,’ out playing Heisman winner RG3 in a loss to Baylor during last years Alamo Bowl. Tuel has had injury problems, but when healthy shown flashes of brilliance. With the wide open shoot out style offense that Mike Leach will bring to WSU, Tule will certainly be in for an impressive year of statistics. Its fun to show your pride for the Huskies or Cougars and bash each other around Apple Cup time, but really all nwsportsjunkies should enjoy watching both of these guys compete this season.

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  1. While I’m a Central grad (I will flood this blog with bits of D2 football information that nobody other than me gives a shit about as soon as the season starts), I have always considered myself to be a closet Husky. Though I wish Tule well (and given Leach’s ability to improve an offense, Tule will put up good numbers), I am rooting for Price. I see Price as a future QB in the NFL, whereas Tule will also have a great professional career – as a starter in the AFL.

    • I dunno, Price is a better athlete which helps him dominate in college, but Tuel may have the more promissing NFL future becasue of his size. Tuel has NFL QB size at 6’3″ and 225.

      • THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!! And Jeff’s a TUEL!! Go Dawgs!

      • this. You come in here and start acting like a jerk. Grow up pal.You vary the plays so the other team is flat ftoeod. If you know it is a pass coming so you don’t even bother to play any kind of run defense. If you know it could be anything you have to adapt as the play develops. That’s football 101.If you have a weak running game because of blocking there is no reason whatsoever to not use a two back offense. A fullback and a running back. If you want to still pass you can have the full back and running back come out of the back field for secondary routes AFTER they can be assured that the QB is reasonably protected. A proper coach designs plays to play to the team he has, not what he wishes he has.. That’s just one basic idea. Or perhaps you go with an additional Tight End or other blocker, H-back if you have issues with blocking. There are all kinds of variables that can be thrown in here.Throw whatever you want. You don’t have a freaking clue at all. . Also, if you are putting on your attack you may want to read what I actually write, not what you want to think I wrote. Never once did I say ever to run three times (and then punt). That’s just your little defense mechanism for you to make yourself fee good.Have you even played the game of football to even know what it is all about? I seriously doubt it. I also wonder if you are somehow related to Langsdorf in some fashion, coming to the defense of him, when it is clear he is over his head.I stand by my comments that Langsdorf is ineffective as a coordinator and play caller. You coach to the team you have and design plays for the team you have.

    • FAUBeav, drinking that Kool Aid? Seriously. You caonnt defend the Riley and the offensive coaching staff. How about how RILEY, yes Riley let the clock run down in the first half of the Stanford game. He had three time outs yes three. Even before the 21 second fiasco Riley could have called timeout before Stanford scored because he knew the Beavs were getting the ball back.On the offensive front, Langsdorf’s play calling is suspect. Constantly throwing to Wheaton when he is in triple coverage? The overdependence on the pass in several of the games clues the other team into what is coming every time. It’s just sick.Believe what you want. I don’t see anyone here feeling that everyone, every year believes the Beavs should contend for the Pac-12 title. But I see people who are simply growing frustrated. If Langsdorf is so good (which most of us do not believe) then he’ll catch on somewhere else quickly. It is time for some change, period.I, for one, have a decision to make. If Riley does not can Langsdorf I am going to back my contribution level down to the lowest level I can to retain my existing seats or perhaps I will go lower and take lessor seats. I am tired of it all. I may even dump the seats altogether, but I don’t think I will, but if Riley continues his pattern then it becomes increasingly possible I might. Yep, I am mad as heck and some simple changes could be instilled in the offseason to make the team a competitor.

  2. By trey October 29, 2009 – 5:38 pmJust one comment on this one from me beascue I don’t want to upset anyone unintentionally with this rant. But frankly, I’m kind of getting sick of every time this matchup is brought up we have to hear how crummy San Antonio is as a site for the game. I don’t know what it is about this community, but I can’t imagine it’s anything other than ignorance that you rip this town. There is a very good reason that the NCAA has been clamoring to schedule NCAA Final Fours, super Regionals, Pre-season tourneys of all kinds here. Not to mention we have numerous NFL, MLB, and MLS teams begging to be let out of their stadium leases so they can move to the Alamo City.I have never heard of anyone who has actually been here that has anything negative to say about the town, and I assume most of you haven’t visited before and that is the reason for the slanders. Now, I will agree with all of you that the OPPONENT for the matchup sucks a big one, and that too, may be an explanation for the general crummy attitude so far. I wonder if we were playing Clemson, Florida State, Wisconsin, or something similar would you still have the same opinions? The neutral site idea is a great plan, IMHO. Maybe not a permanent 7-4-1, but perhaps a 6-5-1 or a 7-4-1 one year and 7-5 the next would work out better? The exposure the Irish get from coming to places down here where there is a recruiting hotbed and a vibrant ND fan base is amazing, and I feel like we’ve been neglecting this area in recruiting for too long. I remember growing up and seeing about half the team filled with Texans, but now it seems like the only solid players we have are from the greater chicago area or a smattering of SoCal kids. Expand the brand, expose yourself to the HS recruits, and reap the rewards. That is all.Thumbs Up/Down: 0 0

  3. Choosing to punt on 4th & 7 on the Stanford side of the field with less than 12 minutes renianimg in the 4th quarter when down by three scores is not on the players that’s the coach’s decision. OSU coaches waved the white flag right there. What happened next was highly predictable punt and give Stanford (who held the ball twice as long as OSU) even MORE field to chew clock with. Sure enough, 95 yards and 7 minutes later the Beavers were down by 25 with only 4 minutes to go in the game. It would’ve been much better to turn the ball over on downs at the Stanford 45 and be down by 25 with 6 or 8 minutes to go but I digress. For all intents and purposes it was waving the white flag of surrender. I know they won’t say that, but what were they hoping would happen, Stanford would muff the punt? Go three and out? Turn it over? All of those much less likely than gaining 7 yards and a first down. Someone enlighten me, but I don’t see the point of playing the field position game when down by three scores in the fourth quarter!! Especially against a team that runs ball control very well and has proven over the course of the season to play very well in the second half.Look, if they’re playing to keep the score respectable (that’s what that looked like) instead of to win, it’s time to find a new job.I’d rather lose by 50 and try, then lose by 25 and give up part way through. I’d like to hear a coach’s rationale on that one.I’m vexed.~Konce

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