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  1. My take on this: it’s about time. This is addition by subtraction. The other day Joe and I were BS’ing about possible trades. I brought up the idea of trading players with teams from Japan. There is not much I would not trade him for. By keeping him around, we would be preventing another player from getting time. With his contract and international fame, you do not bench a guy like this (this is not Figgins we are talking about), regardless of how badly we screw over the fan base and success of the team in the process.

    One thing I will say is that I hope Seattle fans lay off the guy for wanting the trade. This fan base historically supports players for years while they are producing but then turns on them for the last couple years while they tank. Then oddly enough, years later nobody wants to admit to jeering players and will attest to always supporting them.

    Ichiro has been a bum on the field over the last few years – nobody can dispute that. These last few years do not in any possible way tarnish his legacy. Regardless of how he finishes up his career, the guy needs to be remembered as one of the greatest pure hitters in MLB history.

    • Wow… really? You call a guy a Bum during his going away party? Hardcore man… hardcore.

      • The point I was trying to make about him as a bum was strictly about his play in the last couple years, which is not any worse than any of their other players. The rest of the points I made speak to how I feel about him as a player. In terms of personality, the dude was quirky and complicated, yet also endearing. He was and is the personification of a misunderstood rock star. I will miss seeing him out there and reading his quotes.

  2. Also, thanks Chris for posting this as soon as you did. This story caught fire and I heard it on here first.

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