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Marshawn Lynch arrested for DUI

Beast Mode Grill (no photo copyright info available upon google search)

Marshawn Lynch was apparently arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence this last weekend in the Oakland, California area.  While there aren’t many details available on the incident, it has been reported that Marshawn was pulled over around 3am taken to jail, tested via Breathalyzer and failed.  We will have to wait and see how his court date goes next month before we start judging him… but c’mon man… call a Taxi, or Limo… or a buddy. You’re just got a $31 million contract from the Hawks, call a freaking helicopter if you want, just don’t drink and drive!  Lynch has already been suspended 3 weeks in the past for violation of the Leagues behavior policy by Rodger Goodell.  There was the incident where he was busted in a smoke-filled Mercedes with a semi-auto handgun, and the incident where he was driving and hit a pedestrian outside a bar and drove off.

Along with the behavioral issues, it was rumored that Lynch showed up to VMAC for OTA’s “noticeably overweight.” This could be the nightmare of every team and fan base… a guy gets his big contract extension and gives up… the fire just isn’t there anymore. I am holding off on judging him until he gets his day in court, but it doesn’t look good… if guilty, he will almost certainly be facing another suspension, this time as a repeat offender.

nwsportsjunkies.com was able to obtain footage of Marshawns driving, and can be seen swerving recklessly below:

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  1. Just plain dumb. With his past issues, he is looking at a 4 to 6 week suspension. Fantastic. We need a strong run game to help with our QB situation and now we have this knucklehead out drinking and driving after his contract extension. I am worried to say the least.

    • ya, this one is gonna hurt the Hawks if he gets suspended. We needed to be able to depend on a steady running game as you said to help settle in a QB. So now do we start the rookie, Turbin? Or do we find a unsigned veteran?

      • Well if you follow the Hawks model so far, you go out and sign a veteran and let him “compete” with Turbin for the job. It’s hard at this point because we just don’t know what is going to happen. I would assume that Cedric Benson or Ryan Grant would be the top option if we had to sign someone. I just don’t think that if Lynch gets suspended, they are going to hand the ball to Turbin. Leon Washington is another option here too. Can he be a viable option for 10 to 15 carries a game while Lynch is out?

  2. Not to make light of the situation (there should be even less tolerance of DUIs), but have any of you seen the latest report released? When I heard about it last night, the first image that popped into my head was a massive Escalade (since every player in the NFL drives one) wreaking hell in suburban CA. The latest report stated he was driving an Econoline Van. Let me repeat that: busted for driving intoxicated in a bleeping ECONOLINE VAN. When this gets out to even more people, he will be the punchline to countless stand-up comics. He will put people on the map the way Bill Clinton essentially made Jay Leno’s career back in the ’90s.

    Honestly, I was hoping his troubles were behind him. Maybe a fresh start with a fan base looking to come together to support a down-on-his-luck athlete (or any feel good story) would be the remedy for getting his whole life (not just his career in football) back on track. It makes it really difficult to root for someone that routinely screws up this way. Like so many other great moments in sports, I’m sure we can all look back on that legendary run he made during the playoff game against New Orleans and say exactly where we were when “Beastmania ™” really took off.

    I get it, we all break the law (see speeding or occasional jay-walking), but putting lives of other people in danger like this is crossing a line that has no room for ambiguity. Unless there is some clear case of mistaken identity, I will be rooting for Robert Turbin this year.

  3. So much can be said. I think I’LL leave it at, GET A D D ! DUMMY ! before the first drink.

  4. Why do all the Hawks that get busted for DUIs drive the weirdest cars for pro football players?? Hill was busted in a 70’s Buick, Tatupu in a Hyundai, and now Lynch in an Econoline??? Come one guys… But on a more serious note… It’s unfortunate that he was busted and hopefully it won’t lead to a suspension. I think people have been too hard on the guy though. His field breathalizer registered .08. Most people don’t realize that depending on your food consuption and body mass, most people will reach that limit after 2 beers. And not to make light of the situation, but I know for a fact that at least everyone that has commented so far have driven while over the limit. I think 99% of people have probably driven once when they shouldn’t have. It is dangerous. It is illegal. But we should all look in the mirror before we become too judgemental. Just because he can afford a personal driver or taxi doesn’t mean he can’t make the same mistakes we can. I’m sure all of us could afford a taxi too.

    • That departments policy is not to release the BAC level… Technically it should be every departments policy because his blood alcohol content is a medical test, which would make it PHI ‘protected health information’ and thus protected by federal law under his HIPPA rights. They stated it was “at or above .08” which would include .08 to infinity. Marcellus Wiley was on ESPN today and said the phone number for the NFL Safe Rides program is on the back of their union card which they are to carry at all times. He has a free ride any time he needs it and should have used it. The police report noted that he was weaving in and out of traffic and narrowly missed two collisions before being stopped at 3am. This wasn’t a case of having one too many pints of ale with dinner…

  5. Plus did you see his mugshot? Dude was in Beast Mode.

  6. @chris, his choice of vehicle was horrible! The 70’s Buick and Hyundai are totally incognito… Anyone driving an Econoline at 3am is up to no good! An Econoline on the road at 3am is already probable cause.

  7. Choice of car is an automatic probable cause, kinda like a Blacked out two door Explorer? Marshawns lawyer thinks that he will get off from the charges, I bet he gets 2-3 games suspended. The hawks should give Turbin the ball during Marshawns time off and when he returns let them fight for the starting spot. I don’t think we need to rush into signing a new back for a couple of games.

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