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By Corky Trewin, From Seattle Sounders Facebook Page

The Seattle Sounders are heading to their fourth straight US Open Cup Final after a dominating effort against Chivas. Only one team has even come close to contesting the Sounders during the tournament. No team in the 98 year history of the US Open Cup has won this title four consecutive years a row. They have a chance to make history and engrave their name into the record books.

They will have a very big mountain to climb during the final. They will face Sporting Kansas City in Kansas. This will be the first time since 2009 that they will have to play the final away from home. Sporting Kansas City started the year off with guns blazing and being the last undefeated team in MLS. Last month when the two teams battled on the pitch together, it came to a 1-1 draw in Seattle. Both of these teams are full of talent and the matchup should be well contested. The Sounders have recently gotten out of a rough run and are now on track to winning.

I will be the first to admit that when we first signed Eddie Johnson; I was questioning the front office. During the first half of the season it seemed like you could always count on him to dribble into the defense and lose the ball. Of lately, it seems that he has really turned up his game. He is that tall, fast threat that we needed to have on corners and free kicks. The man is just simply incredible with heading the ball. But don’t get me wrong I still think he needs to work on his approach toward attacking. He needs to be a finisher NOT a set-up man. Eddie Johnson has been able to put 9 goals in the back of the net in all contests.

Now let’s talk about his partner up front. The supposedly “Super” Fredy Montero. I think ECS’s chant is getting to his head because he has done nothing this year except for his 35 yard blast it feels like. When I go to a game or watch an away game, it seems like he just wonders around the midfield just waiting. But I have to say this defense first THEN offense.This is one lesson he needs to learn. For someone who has a base salary of $500,000 dollars the third highest in MLS for designated players, one would think, he could put in a little more effort.

All in all I think the sounders are heading in the right direction and hopefully going to make history. Let’s all hope they can pull off the 4PEAT. LET’S GO SOUNDERS! SOUNDER TILL I DIE!

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