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What a night it was when the sounders snapped their 9 game league winless streak. What a night it was when Steve Zakuani stepped onto the pitch for the first time in 15 months. I get a sense from the way the sounders were playing last night that they might be on the uphill climb now.

Steve Zakuani got to play for the first time against the very team that almost took his career away, the Colorado Rapids. I have to commend Zakuani for his commitment and character shown during this chapter in his life. Since day one he has said that he forgave Mullan for the tackle that was conceded against him. I’m not too sure if I would have been able to forgive someone that soon for almost taking away my career and the passion that I love to play. I can’t even imagine the hardship that he went through. We as supporters helped try to lift him up through letters of support and our demonstration of 11’s at the 11th minute the following game. But that is what makes him a professional. What a way to end the chapter by exchanging jerseys with the very player that took him out.

A part of me has to wonder if Zakuani has been ready to step onto the pitch for some games now and Sigi wanted to make his return against the rapids. Did he feel that it would help his shut the door on probably one of the hardest times of his life? If that be the case, I give Sigi a round of applause. He has to be one of the better coaches for players on and off the pitch.

Thankfully the record setting winless streak is gone. I hope that we never have to encounter a sounder drought that severe for some time. I also feel that the team is starting to click together. We are starting to get key players healthy again and getting some good playing time. Let’s hope that last night leads to a strong second half of the season with the sounders dominating the league and bringing home a fourth consecutive US open cup trophy, along with MLS Cup. LET’S GO SOUNDERS! SOUNDERS TILL I DIE!

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  1. Awesome game to watch. I loved the crowd interaction when he ran on to the pitch. It was a truly a classy moment to see them interact and exchange jerseys at the end of the game. Although we don’t like Mullen up here, I don’t believe he intentionally tried to shatter Zak’s leg.

    It was great to see Johnson score again, that’s what we brought him here to do. I am getting more concerned with the back line however. Late goal two games ago to give up the win and almost two late goals in this game. Saved by the offsides call. I would like to see some fiercer play in the back especially later in the matches.

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