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The Frustration Grows (Even More…)

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As we roll into the All Star break, the Mariners are holding onto their firm grasp of last place and are approaching the worst record in baseball. As I continue to watch these games, and get more frustrated, I can’t help but feel more and more sorry for our only All Star.

King Felix Hernandez again and again has provided dominate performances on the mound to no avail. Last night the King left the game after pitching 7.2 innings giving up just 1 run on 6 hits. No win. It would be one thing if this was a rare incident. I think every pitcher around the league has those games where the run support isn’t there, but this is nightly occurrence not only for Felix, but for the rest of the staff. The bats are just not there.

Just how bad is the hitting? Terrible. Our best hitter (statistically) is John Jaso with a .267 average. Let me say that again… Our BEST hitter right now is batting .267. Our veterans who Eric Wedge keeps telling us need to step up are unbearable. Miguel Olivo who should be better at the plate because he sure can’t field a pass ball is batting a whopping .201. Brendan Ryan is sitting at .187. That brings us to the future Mariner Hall of Famer, Ichiro. He is a career .323 hitter batting .261.

This team has a lot of potential to perform and we have seen spurts of greatness this season, but at what point do you make some significant changes. At this point they need to face the facts and realize that this season is already over. It is time to see some changes if you really want to move forward with young talent for the future. Those changes are coming, but who and when is the question. You can make strong arguments for several moves. Do you move Dustin Ackley down? Jesús Montero? Move Justin Smoak or move on with him altogether?

There is also the possibility of unloading until the trade deadline. Unfortunately for the M’s, the value in some of their trade options have dropped. Normally stout closer, Brandon League, has tanked this year and lost his closer role. He has a 3.35 ERA and 6 blown saves. There is still some value for him, I think,  but at this point it can’t be much. Jason Vargas’ name is also out there, but nobody was interested in him last year and really we don’t have the depth in the rotation as we did last year. Once we start bringing up some of the young guys, then he is a little more expendable.

One guy who I can see going is Tom Wilhelmsen. He has had a nice season and has a big time fastball. He is boasting 52 SO in 44.1 innings pitched. I can see a team in need of a closer or set up man making a nice push for him. With the state of the M’s, I can see him moving on if a decent offer comes to the table.

Hopefully we see some moves and see some light at the end of the tunnel. The fans need it, the team needs it, and for some front office jobs folks, they definitely need it.

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  1. I could see Jaso having some value, a good veteran backup catcher who has a clutch bat could be rather helpful to anyone making a playoff run. Vargas is not the guy that his numbers suggests; he is lights out at home, where nobody can score any runs… but dude gets killed on the road. We would be lucky to find a taker for him, because I would like to see some of the younger guys start to move up the system, like you said, the season is over. This is now an extended tryout for the 2013 Mariners. We just need to find a bat somewhere…

  2. Seattle Mariners, the best team in the Minor Leagues!

  3. I think you’re right, Jaso is probably our only bat that might have trade value. A back up catcher batting .260 is actually respectable. And I don’t think Vargas is going anywhere. He pitches in the longball-killing Safeco Field half the time and still leads the entire MLB in homeruns allowed with 23. I wouldn’t trade for him. You might as well just trade a future hall of famer for Eric Bedard…. oh wait… I think the only other trade we could make would be for one or two of our pitching prospects. I wouldn’t be comfortable doing that but if you want to trade for a bat that might be your only shot. By the way… who says trading for a bat is even a good idea? We traded for a bat with the Justin Smoak trade. We traded for a bat with the Montero trade. What did that get us??

  4. The problem with trading Jaso is now that leaves just Olivo and Montero for plate duties. If you really wanted Montero for the bat, I don’t think they want him catching everyday and Olivo just plain stinks. I would have sat him or got rid of him long ago.

    • I don’t think it matters whose behind the plate the rest of this year. Montero and Olivo can continue to suck and you can toss Jaso in to sweeten a trade. We just drafted our everyday catcher, Mike Zunino. I hear he can actually catch too. He doesn’t close his eyes and turn his head like a 10-year-old girl trying to catch a fastball… I’m talking about Tippy-Toes Montero if you didn’t know.

      • hahahah…. thats sooo sad but true. I think he takes at least one pitch to the dome per game.

      • From what I see so far on your blog, I’d say your batting avrgeae is at 350 and climbing fast. Dig in at the plate and watch out for curves from code. But, if you know one is coming you can adjust your approach appropriately. Success is having a good foundation, whether you’re at the plate or the keyboard. The count is in your favor, keep going! And, if you get in a pickle you have plenty of colleagues who can help you score.

    • Well we shouldnt have given Adam Moore away for free and then losing Jaso wouldnt be such a problem. Good for him tho… He was our ‘franchise cathcer of the future’ for like the last 3 or 4 years and the only thing he couldnt catch was a break. Now that he has moved on from Seattle he will go on to be an All-Star like every other guy who leaves. Career advice for any young athlete: spend a few seasons spinning your wheels in Seattle, then move on and you will be awesome. Thats my only problem with Smoak. He has been my favorite Mariner since we traded for him… Im always so hopeful he will turn it around… but how long can a team keep waiting for a player to pull his head out? The only problem is I know we will end up losing him on waivers eventually like Moore and then Smoak will go on to be a perenial All-Star and 40hr/year kind of guy.

      Just for fun: Quick List of ‘nobodys’ that left Seattle to be awesome. Add to the list with replys.

      -R.A. Dickey
      -Asdrubal Cabrera
      -Jason Varitek
      -David Arias (Oritz)
      -Jason Babin
      -Scottie Pippen
      -Shin-Soo Choo
      -Brian LaHair
      -Mike Morse
      -Dere Lowe

      -Who else????

  5. Didn’t we get Shawn Kemp for Scottie Pippen? What about the guys that were supposedly at the end of their career, my favorite Randy Johnson!

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