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Peguero Provides Power

Seattle Mariners right fielder Carlos Peguero (8)

Seattle Mariners right fielder Carlos Peguero (8) (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Carlos Peguero has been called up while the struggling Hector Noesi heads to Tacoma.  I can understand the skepticism in being excited about the call up of a career .196 hitter, but I think he can provide the spark the Mariners need.  Its been tough watching the Mariners this year, mostly because they are so damn boring to watch.  I often find myself looking at my cell phone around 8pm and seeing a text from my brother asking if I’m watching the game, my reply is usually something like “Unfortunately yes,” or “I wish I wasn’t.”  I’m a fan, I can’t help it.  I am gonna be watching the Mariners no matter how bad they are, all I can hope for is some occasional excitement. Peguero should provide that!

Last season Peguero quickly gained a lot of attention because he possessed one characteristic greatly lacking on the Mariners roster, POWER!  The 6’5″ 245 pound 25-year-old outfielder from the Dominican Republic can crush a baseball.  His first career home run came on May 13th last year and traveled 451 feet!  If you missed it, I kindly provided the video below courtesy of course of MLB, Root Sports and the Seattle Mariners.

Peguero currently ranks 3rd in the Pacific Coast League with 18 Home runs, has a .298 batting average and is sporting a 4 digit OPS! (1.002)  OPS is on-base% + slugging% for my non stat-geek friends. And keep in mind he missed a lot of time with a meniscus tear in his knee at the beginning of the year.  He has been destroying triple-a pitching as of late including 6 home runs in his last 5 games, with a HR in each of his last 5 games. Its early to look at July stats but check out what he has done in his first 4 games of the month:

Batting Average: .375  –  4 Home runs in 16 AB’s  –  8 RBI  –  On Base%  .474  –  Slugging%  1.125  – OPS 1.599

The big guy also has a downside… he strikes out a lot…. I mean a whole lot, like 34.8% of the time if you want to be exact.  But as a fan, I will gladly watch the big lug swing outta his cleats 2 or 3 times a game as long as he is launching 400 footers when he does connect.  I can only stomach so many infield ground outs in a game, and that seems to be what our hitters are best at right now.  As a team the Mariners have a batting average of .231, 2nd to last place (Thank you Oakland.) If you are curious, come on… I know you are, the Mariners record for lowest team batting average was .233, last year! An embarrassing record which was a new low since as far back as 2010, when the M’s put up a pathetic .236.

Let me do that for you 1 more time…

2010 Mariners Batting Average = .236 (record low since 1983)

2011 Mariners Batting Average = .233 (The low gets lower.)

2012 Mariners Batting Average (to date) = .231!!!!

C’mon Batter… We need a Hitter… whatever you wanna call it, these guys freaking stink. I hope Peguero can provide a little spark to the lineup and a little boost to fan interest.  If we are gonna suck, lets at least be entertaining.  Peguero should be good for a laugh a night as he falls down swinging and missing at one of those tricky curveballs… but he should also crush a HR long enough to talk about for a day or two until he connects again.

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  1. At least he hits left handed, with a short right field fence he should be able to hit a few out. If not he will be the next Richie Sexton!

    • Ya, they say it was designed for a left handed power hitter…

      • I get that the last couple years Sexson was around he did not do shit. The thing people forget is that he put up good power the first couple seasons in Seattle. 39 HRs along with 121 RBIs in 2005 and 34 and 107 in 2006. Look at the numbers before he got to Seattle. The guy was not as shitty as everyone routinely points out. Putting up similar numbers to Sexson for a fraction of the cost will not be a bad thing. Just keep in mind, like Richie, nobody expects (or should expect) Peguero to hit anywhere close to .300
        (hell, at this point even .250 would be a stretch).


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