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Quarterback Controversy in Seahawks Country

We gotta competition brewing in Seattle like a micro beer at Pike St Brewery. T-Jack, Matt Flynn, and Russell Wilson, all three capable men who are trying to be the man to lead our beloved Seahawks back to top of the NFC West. Pete Carroll is keeping it a secret who the starter is going to be, so we should look at all three NWJUNKIE style, and voice our opinion, and let be heard who the true fans want to see lead this team back to it’s winning ways!

T-Jack our current starter. Pete Carroll handed him the ball last year while bringing in Derrell Bevell and Sydney Rice. T-Jack should have had his best year,  not many times does a team bring a Quarterback, number one receiver and Offensive Coordinator, all from the same team. While Sydney Rice was on the field T- Jack looked confident in his decisions, poise in the pocket, and he took some control of the offense. When Rice was out, things seemed to change for T-Jack in the worst way. He looked about three steps slow in the pocket, he decisions changed, and he was slow to read what his receivers were doing. Rice to T-Jack is like Linus with his security blanket I don’t want Linus leading my Hawks!

Matt Flynn, he sat as back up to Arron Rogers ( whom would be a pretty good mentor to me) for four years before the Seahawks signed him this year to a three year deal.  Matt as a starter has two games, (1-1) his second game he passed for 480 yds and 6 Td’s,  both are Green Bay records. That says a lot, doing something Brett Farvre, hasn’t done! Flynn doesn’t have the game experience I know, but there is only one way to gain experience and that is to play in the damn games.

Russell Wilson, the rookie. The biggest thing talked about him so far is his height, 5’11”. Not very tall for a guys who is playing behind one of the biggest lines in the NFL. He had a very good college career, throwing for over 11,000 yards, 109 TD’s and only 30 int’s.

There is one more man that needs to be talked about, Josh Portis. I am not calling for him to be the leader yet, but the guy is big and has a huge arm.  In collage he was looked as a duel talent athlete, his senior year in college he threw for almost 3,000 yards and 36  touchdowns, but he ran for 865 yards and 13 touchdowns. Last year in the preseason I thought he actually looked the most comfortable of all the three QB’s we had. Now that Clipboard Jesus is back to San Diego, he should really get a good look and some play time.

T-Jack had his shot last year, and I wasn’t that impressed, he was the best of what we had, kind like the tallest midget. This is one of the strongest teams the Seahawks have put together in a long time, I want to see a leader to take control and push the team. I don’t see T-Jack being that guy. To give him credit he did play last year with the torn peck. His ability is not in question, its his decision making. The guy is always a little slow and looks lost. The Hawks just signed Flynn to a good size contract.  He shows up to his first visit, suits up and throws with Pete, that says a lot. He wants to impress, and be a leader. Wilson is  making this an interesting competition which says a lot. He comes in as a rookie and wants to play. I look at him right now as the younger brother not letting the bigger kids push him around, good for him, I want to see him sit for a year or two and learn as much from the older guys as he can. Three years from now, I would let it be Wilson’s team. It’s going to take an act of God for Portis to play, and that is unfortunate. The man has the potential to be  a very solid player for our team.  Personally for me I am for “FLYNN TO WINN!”

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  1. Great stuff! I agree its too bad Portis is gonna get lost in the shuffle… there just isnt room for the 4th string qb to get any reps, especially with 3 guys splitting up the starter reps in camp. Portis, while it was against guys who are now working for mortgage companies and driving UPS trucks, looked really good in last years preseason opportunities. He is big and athletic and looked to have a good arm… the only way he has a chance of sticking is if we move one of the 3 other QB’s. T-Jack did prove he could be a serviceable QB last year and certainly showed he has a lot of value as a veteran back up or emergency starter for a team with an injured QB. I think best case scenario is we try to trade him for a late round pick during preseason or early in the season. Id be pretty happy about our QB situation with Flynn starting, without any distractions from T-Jack, and continue to develop Wilson and Portis.

  2. One of the joys of living in Ellensburg with no cable or satellite (way too much $$$) is that I spend way too much time watching a local (as in primarily meant for the TriShitties) station called SWX, which is dedicated to covering only sports and weather. I bring this up because they constantly cover AFL and IFL teams. The Spokane Shock (of the AFL) has a great veteran starting QB named Kyle Rowley . The dude has had a hell of a career in the AFL and it would be nice to see him get a shot somewhere. I’m telling you, these teams are untapped resources that should be paid attention to.

    That being said, I can’t help rooting for a guy like T-Jack. You have to respect someone that busts their ass off like that, despite that excruciating injury. If he can’t make it in Seattle (which he won’t), I could see him competing for a job in somewhere like KC or back in MN (Ponder???). If Flynn experiences some growing pains, I just hope some of our notoriously impatient fans give him a break for this first season.

  3. The only QB controversy in Seattle is who has the hotter chick… Flynn or Wilson??? As for our best QB, its Flynn.

  4. I haven’t seen Wilson’s girl, but if she is competing with Flynn’s than I don’t think you can loose either way!

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