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Chris Clemons plays DB during minicamp

    Seattle Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons plays DB during minicamp.  No, the 260 pounder wasnt playing Defensive Back… I’m talking Douche Bag. Yup, I said it.  I’m calling out Chris Clemons, the guy who has led the Hawks in sacks the last 2 seasons. I really like him as a player, he is an asset to our defense and is still very productive (22 sacks over last 2 seasons.)  But here is the thing, he still has a year left on his contract and he chose to hold out during ‘mandatory’ minicamp last week.  It’s not that uncommon for star football players to hold out going into the final year of their deal to leverage a new contract. But the thing is, Chris Clemons is not a star player, he is good, but far from a star.  You’d never hear anyone say ‘I don’t like our chances this week, Clemons is out.’ You don’t see any Clemons jerseys in the beer line at CLink. Wikipedia lists his career highlight as defensive player of the week once in the 2008 season, yay.  You get my point, he is good, but he is just a guy.  He will be turning 31 this season, so a guaranteed multi-year extension just doesn’t make sense. Lets also not forget that we drafted Bruce Irvin (who plays the same position) in the first round of this years draft, as well as bringing in a free agent that the Hawks have high hopes for in 26-year-old, Jason Jones.

The young, fierce defense is gaining national attention, with Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, and Brandon Browner all making the pro bowl last season and they don’t need the old guy causing waves.  The thing that upsets me the most is the multiple, yet unconfirmed, reports on various sites like foxsports and yardbarker, that Clemons rejected a 3 year extension which would double his salary for the upcoming season from $4 million to $8 million. Let me say this, if I call my boss this afternoon and say I’m not coming into work until I get a raise… that wouldn’t end well for me… and if by some miracle my boss said, hey we like you and think you’re important to what we are doing here, we’d like to double your pay… and I turned it down… C’mon man! Are you f’ing serious? You have a signed contract, that you and the team agreed on, that you would play this season for $4million dollars… and because you got all butt hurt about getting old and us drafting Bruce Irvin, or whatever other reason, we throw you a bone and DOUBLE your salary, and that aint enough? Really? I’m sick of this trend of 3 year contracts really being a 2 year contract and a hold out. Pete and John… please… don’t give in! Clemons needs to appreciate the privilege of being a pro athlete while he still can, be gracious in accepting the gift the Hawks offered by doubling his pay, and go earn that big paycheck he wants.  If he wants more than $8mil, then put your big boy pants on and go break some fools this year. I want to cheer for players that earn their money, not complain about not getting enough. There is no doubt we could use him, but if he wants to pout, let him go. In fact I would set a precedent and retract the offer to increase his pay. If you dont want to honor your word and your contract, then thanks for coming out and good luck to ya.

The one positive from the holdout is that rookie Bruce Irvin got a ton of extra reps during minicamp.  Give your replacement a ton of extra reps to get up to speed faster and a chance to showcase his skills… good plan Chris, you really thought that one through. C’mon back, the 12th man still loves ya, and we’ll forgive you… but know your role.

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  1. I hate this crap. You signed the contract man. Live up to it. If you want to get more because you played well, then the team should have the option to pay you less when you play like crap. It is the same BS with MJD down in Jacksonville. He has TWO years left. Be a man and honor your contract. If not, have fun on the bench.

    • Gonna have to err on the side of Robbie. The media all want to make something out of ntinohg as usual!Seriously, they are bonding and ntinohg beyond that. In addition, I think that these offseason programs are helping rookies get alittle ore acclimated to the offenses/defenses but thats it. This team will have their stuff straight. I would take playing 4 weeks longer than the Falcons in Postseason football rather than a gathering of 30-35 players a month earlier than us.HHmmm, postseason play in the NFL or gathering for 7 on 7 s at a high school field?? ToughGo Pack Go!!!

  2. I like that. Well writen.
    I would like to see ACTION on the owners part, like you said. Say GOODBUY & GOOD LUCK.
    Their are thousands of players comming up through the system that would play the First year in the NFL for $50,000 just for the achivement of making it to the BIG TIME. Agents need to loose money on every hold out. They are a big part of the problem. YES, I said PROBLEM . It needs fixing.

    • I agree the agents are largely responsible, because they make money when that athlete gets their new contract. His agent probably got in his ear and said “You know youre worth more than what they are giving you,” But what the agent was really thinking was go make daddy some more money baby. I dont even understand why agents are still around and make so much money… they are just glorified pimps. If I was an athelete making millions of dollars I would certainly have enough of a vested self interest to want to manage my own finances and negotiate the terms of my service.

      • I would like to control my owns finances, but I can see letting the agent take care of the negotations and legal stuff. However, you’re right, they want money as well. They arn’t going to tell the guy to play out his contract. If he gets hurt, hes done and so is that income.

  3. This is a trend that has been happening more and more the last few years. I think it is complete crap. You signed the contract, be a man and play it out. It is the same crap with MJD down in Jacksonville. He has TWO more years on his contract and wants more after HE signed an extension in 2009. I don’t have any sympathy when you are making millions a year. I would say let them look at a new contract when the team can start docking them play for crappy play. Clemmons only gets 3 sacks, dock him pay. It would be the same at my job if I wasn’t doing it properly.

    • They kind of have that in place with performance incentives… but you are right, that only rewards them for doing well. That would be fun though if their was a suck clause and if your performance dropped of to like say 80% of what you did last season then the following year you only get 80% of last years salary.

      • YES,!!! BRILLIANT !!! A (YOU SUCK) clause. A drop in pay with reason .
        Fans would love it , Owners eighter save lots of cash, or get great performence for their $$$ & team . WoW what a concept.

      • Yeah that would be nice to see. There is some real incentive to play. But with the union, that will never happen. They are out for themselves.

  4. Ricky Williams signed an incentive based contract his rookie year, and it was one of the worst contract ever signed by a player, it was widely criticized by players, media, just about everyone. The contract was for 8 million dollars, and if he hit all of his stats it could be worth up to 68 million dollars, I don’t recall all of the details, the contract was negotiated by No Limit Sorts, icky fired them after he was traded to Miami.

  5. If there was a “suck clause” in professional sports, Chone Figgins would be on a corner begging for change instead of his current role (spending half his time collecting splinters in his ass on the bench and the other half hitting soft line-drives that don’t clear the infield).

    Obviously we all know contracts in the NFL are not entirely guaranteed. Take that into account along with the fact that most NFL careers are not that long. If you get injured you run the risk of getting your ass cut the following season. I can understand why some players bitch when they are not compensated for exceeding expectations.

    That being said, I do not agree with it. If you sign a contract, you are obligated to fulfill your end of the deal. By signing the contract, you acknowledge certain risks (IE concussions – at least for players from within the last 10 or 15 years). If you are certain you are going to outperform your value, work on getting incentive clauses included (just realize that there is still no guarantee you will get playing time close to some of these milestones, depending on how the team is doing).

    Right now my caseload is insane. If I up and quit, the organization I work for would not be able to send all my families to other people, which would leave them essentially screwed. You don’t see me trying to leverage them on this point. I work my ass off for the compensation I agreed to when I was hired. Most people with any decent moral standing are the same. We all like getting raises or bonuses but realize how unrealistic it is to expect raises of an extra 70% of what we are currently making.

    I value what Clemons brings to the table on the field, but enough is enough. Irvin (draft day stretch that he was) will step in and do a better job for a fraction of the cost. If Clemons is not there soon, I say cut his ass and let other teams deal with the headache. Or even better, trade him for a draft pick. The Seahawks and other teams have proven you can find value in later rounds – a 6th round pick could turn out to be very valuable.

  6. yea ..player orginaized attivieces and they’ve gone as far as 7 on 7s? NO FUCKING WAY both of you are dumb so you think the players (who by the way have NO IDEA HOW TO RUN A MINI CAMP) who probably only doing the things they want to do with NO coaching staff NO trainings staff NO medical staff hmmm. you know what most of these things turn out to be? playing catch .WOOOOW THEIR SO FUCKING FOCUSED CAUSE THEY RE PLAYING CATCH AND FLAG FOOTBALL BASICLY WOW

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