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Seahawks 1st Round Pick

NFL Network Hosts Steve Mariucci, Michael Irvi...

NFL Network Hosts Steve Mariucci, Michael Irvin, and Mike Mayock (Photo credit: SalesianHigh)

Here is our guy, Seahawks 2012 1st round draft pick (15th overall selection.) Bruce Irvin, word is he has a shady past, lots of red flags… but I cant help but be totally excited after watching some of this guys highlights. Mike Mayock says he is the most explosive pass rusher in the draft… and this video backs it up! Draft experts seem to be split on this guy, while some feel he was a late 2nd rounder, other league sources have reported Irvin was in the Top 15 of at least 7 teams draft boards. I like this guys speed (4.4 40 yard dash) and think he is the perfect hybrid “leo” pass rusher, that Pete Carroll talks about needing. He may not be a good fit for some teams, so I can understand the critics, but for what the Hawks were after he is absolutely perfect. He has good size to go with that speed, (6’3″ 245lbs.) The thing is you can’t try to compare this guy to a traditional defensive end or outside linebacker, this cat is his own thing… he will be a difference maker.  Also, it is important that we originally had the 12th overall pick and traded it to the Eagles for the 15th overall plus a 4th round and 6th round draft choice. Thats a pretty good return for moving down a few spots mid round. What do you guys think of this pick?

Highlights of Bruce Irvin during his Junior year. In 2010 this junior college transfer promised many sacks. He delivered. Used mainly as a third down special…

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  1. WOW!!! This guy is fast. Like speed 99 video game fast. After he clears the blocker, it’s like he teleports on top of the QBs head. This could be good… Still a little bummed we didn’t get Decastro.

  2. Its funny on a lot of the comments on other websites Hawks fans are complaining and stuff, saying he cant cover well enough to be an OLB, he is too small to be a DE, all he can do is blitz… which may all be true, but thats all we need him to do! We needed someone to rotate in on 3rd down, slide Red inside, and go get the QB… and if you base it on that need, hands down he is the best pick to do that. He is a situational player, and I’m okay with that. Its like having an elite closer in baseball… he is only on the field for a small % of the game, but can have a huge impact on the outcome.

    • I do think its great to have a pass rusher… but the Hawks were already 6th in opponents passer rating. I still say we should have picked Decastro or another offensive player.

  3. I am split on this pick, Joe is right 3rd down the guy will be major impact. I just worry that we picked him too high. Looking at the way the draft was going they probobly could have picked him in the second round. Watching the draft Pete and John could not have draftedd him fast enough, they already had theri pick in as St Louis was still anouncing their pick.

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