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The Seahawks have the 12th pick in tomorrows 1st round of the draft. Who do you guys want to see us pick up? Trade up to go get a guy? Trade down to aquire more picks? Pete and John have demonstrated a great ability to find late round talent. Use comment section below to post your draft advice and wishes for the Hawks. Reply, comment on other peoples picks and lets get this thing figured out before the draft starts tomorrow at 5pm.

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  1. The guard from Stanford, he would absolutley be my number one pick!

    • David Decastro, I would be excited to get him. 1st team All-Pac 10 in 2010, unanimous All-American 2011, top rated Guard in the draft, and he is a local kid too, went to Bellevue HS. Mike Mayocks mock draft on nfl.com has DeCastro staying on the board until the 21st pick… would you take him at 12 and be sure to get your guy, or would you gamble and trade down half a dozen picks and hope he is still there?

      • Agreed on DeCastro. I am not in agreement with the talk of Tannehill. If they want a QB, fine. Get Osweiler or Moore (I think that is his name, the dude from Boise State) much later on. Don’t waste 12 overall or trade up for a QB unless the Colts or Redskins are silly enough to give up their top picks. If Flynn stinks it up this season, which I really don’t see happening, get a QB next year.

    • Seattle is a very respectable team.Hasselback is a good QB, and if they can ever keep their WRs halhtey, he can tear a defense apart.Problem is, so much of their offense has been hurt since they were in the Super Bowl they struggle.Alexander really hasn’t done anything to warrant keeping him. He has been average at best the last 2 seasons, and he can’t stay halhtey either. That is also evident in the fact that no other teams have picked him up.Julious Jones will do well in Seattle, so they will be ok at RB.Coach Holgram always puts together good teams where ever he is.Plus, they are in a weak division, so they are going to be the favorite to win it and get into the playoffs. (Cardinals will challenge)They were division champs last year, made the playoffs and were only 9-7.

  2. I think most of the GMs are connected closely enough to know who’s going where. If you get the chance to trade down and still draft Decastro, DO IT! He’s my favorite guy in the 1st round. If you need to get him at 12, that’s fine too. I think Pete has such a good eye for defensive players, he doesn’t need to get them 1st round. Richard Sherman, K.J. Wright, Kam Chancellor, Walter Thurmond were all later round picks. Brandon Browner, a free agent sigining. I say let him go after that DT or DE later on. He’ll have a better chance hitting on a defensive player.

  3. TAKE HIM AT TWELVE, I agree with Chris that most of the time GM’s have the board for the most part figured out, but there are the curve ball picks look at Charpenter. Nobody saw that pick. I think Decastro is the next Hutch, and we could really use him!

    • He’s what Pete calls a LEO. It’s basically a hybrid DE and OLB. It really means he can only do one thing… Rush the passer. He’s not as great against the run, and has ZERO experience dropping back into coverage. Apparently this guy can rush as well as anyone though. He runs a 4.4 second 40!! And he claims that was a slower time for him. After a little reseach, Hugh Millen says he was definitely going in the 1st round and the 49ers were looking to trade up to get him. We’ll see how it works out. The guy seems like a beast.

  4. I’m not sold. Checkered past and run D. We need the pass rush I get that, but I think its a stretch.

  5. I am out of my mind excited about this dude. He is a beast! A ton of potential and athletic ability.

  6. OK, Draft day #2 – 2nd and 3rd round, (43rd and 75th overall.) Who you guys like, anybody on your radar?


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